Hours of Sleep 7
Bowel Movements 2
Bristol Stool Scale 3-4
Irregularities NA
Calories In
Macros F-P-C
Alcohol Measures 5
Yesterday's Active Calories 717
Weight 87


How I felt when I woke up this morning & energy yesterday

Didn't sleep great last night. Possibly disturbed by:

  • Tricep dips
  • Chronically sore hips
  • Reduced alcohol consumption
  • Adjustment to Keto

Yesterday's workout was hard and I quit after the first set of work.

Poop specifics

First was low volume, clean with a bit of mucous. Second was larger than expected and soft.

Yesterday's diet

  • Eggs & guac
  • Berries and pumpkin seeds
  • Dark chocolate x 4
  • Lunch Chicken
  • Chicken in Cream

Yesterday's exercise (including stretching & dog walks)

  • 45 minutes on the bike
  • Chest, tris & abs
  • 2 x 30 minute dog walks 





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