Hours of Sleep 7
Bowel Movements 3
Bristol Stool Scale 3-4-6
Irregularities BH
Calories In
Macros F-P-C
Alcohol Measures 5
Yesterday's Active Calories 118
Weight 87


How I felt when I woke up this morning & energy yesterday


Woke feeling pretty good. Yesterday I was totally gutted after poop #3 (bloody external piles) and was not very productive.

Despite my GI issues and lack of energy, whenever I catch my reflection, I seem to be smiling more and feel like my body is getting fit.

Woke groggy, thick in the chest, slow, itchy eyes (have my allergies arrived?) 

Poop specifics

First BM was low volume, suggesting there would be a follow-up. Slight soreness in upper left abdomen. After second BM, I felt "gutted" - weak, low-energy, but mentally focussed.

Yesterday's diet

  • Eggs & guac
  • Berries and pumpkin seeds
  • Dark chocolate x 4
  • Lunch chicken
  • Tacos 

Yesterday's exercise (including stretching & dog walks)

  • 2 x 30 minute dog walks 





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