SPY Optic® Woot Race Mx Goggle

Goggles by SPY Optic

Shine at the starting gate and finish line in the all-new Woot Race. Equipped with a bonus lens and matching nose guard, this race-ready package brings the performance you need for a dominant day in the dirt. With 100% UV protection and quick-switch lens design for all-day protection from eye fatigue.

Anti-fog, scratch-resistant Lexan® lens with posts for a clear view—even on the filthiest tear off days.

Ergonomic Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece keeps your seal secure and your face comfortable and dry on the longest rides.

Features the RISE® high-flow ventilation system for an added cooling, fog-fighting airflow.

Silicone-ribbed strap reduces slipping and shifting on whoops, jumps, and rhythm sections.

100% UV protection reduces eye strain and damage in the harshest desert and strongest mountain sun.

Built from flexible, durable polyurethane for seasons of trusted use.

Compatible with the planet’s most popular helmets, including that sweet one of yours.

Includes a matching removable nose guard and bonus anti-fog lens with posts for added protection, giving intimidating looks, and keeping it going when the lights go on.

Goggles by SPY Optic
Slice Blue - Smoke w/ Pink Spectra + Clear AFP
Black Enduro - Clear Dual Lens + Clear AFP
Black - Smoke with Silver Spectra + Clear AFP
Washed Out Green - Smoke with Silver Spectra + Clear AFP
Jersey Green - Smoke with Green Spectra + Clear AFP
Pink Flash - Smoke with Pink Spectra + Clear AFP
Red Flash - Smoke with Red Spectra + Clear AFP
White - Smoke with Silver Spectra + Clear AFP
Fatigue - Smoke with Silver Spectra + Clear AFP
Calaveras - Smoke with Red Spectra + Clear AFP
Slice Green - Smoke w/ Silver Spectra + Clear AFP
Slice Red - Smoke w/ Red Spectra + Clear AFP